Coding Standards & Guidelines

Coding Guidelines

Coding Standards & Guidelines: This insightful post is brought to you by Rupesh Gudmalwar, Senior Software Developer at FindingPi.

Why choose Python & Django for Web Development Projects?

Python & Django for Web Development

To begin with, technology advances swiftly. Every day, a new and updated technology that delivers web and application development services makes the rounds. These technological stacks have enabled programmers and developers to do incredible feats in the realm of web development. Python, as we all know, is one of the most mature technologies available today. […]

NodeJS VS Django. Which is the best?

django vs node.js

Both Node JS and Django are extremely powerful technologies for creating dynamic web and mobile applications with outstanding user interfaces. But what distinguishes these two technologies for web app development? Node JS is a client-side web application framework for JavaScript, whereas Django is a Python framework for building fully functional websites faster with far less […]

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