Gen Z: Decoding their Online Behavior for Marketing Success

Struggling to connect with Gen Z? Lost in social media trends? Don’t worry! This blog post is here to help you understand how to target the Gen Z market.

Gen Z: The Digital Generation

Gen Z, the generation born between 1997 to 2012, is a powerful consumer force, especially in 2024. They grew up with the internet, with 85% using YouTube and 72% using Instagram, according to a Pew Research Center survey. But because they’ve grown up online, they’ve got their own unique likes and dislikes. So, if we want to sell them stuff, we’ve gotta figure out what they’re all about.

Key Insights About Gen Z

  • Social Media Savvy: Gen Z doesn’t just use social media—they live on it. Platforms like Instagram and YouTube are their primary sources of information and entertainment. They prefer authenticity and user-generated content over traditional advertising being generally used.
  • Value Individuality: Gen Z values self-expression and authenticity, with many feeling pressured to be perfect online. Campaigns should empower them to showcase their unique identities.
  • Personalization is Key: Gen Z expects brands to deliver personalized content that caters to their individual preferences and behaviors. Consider personalization and user-generated content– 60% of Generation Z in the US use Instagram to discover new brands (Source).
  • Influencers Hold the Power: Gen Z trusts influencers over traditional ads like TV commercials and print. Influencers create a peer-like connection by interacting with followers and sharing personal aspects of their lives, making them feel like friends rather than celebrities. For instance, Sorav Jain, a digital marketing expert in India, has gained a large following by sharing practical tips and relatable content, positioning himself as a friendly neighborhood marketing mentor.
  • Short-Form Content: Gen Z prefers short bursts of information. Short-form videos on platforms like Instagram Reels are effective in capturing their attention.
  • Innovative and Tech-Savvy: Gen Z quickly adopts new technologies and platforms. Stay current with trends and experiment with tools like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). AR lets customers virtually try on clothes or see how furniture looks at home, while VR offers virtual tours and immersive brand experiences. Using AR and VR can create engaging and memorable marketing campaigns that appeal to Gen Z’s love for unique, interactive content.

Marketing Strategies to Target Gen Z 

  • Strong Social Media Presence: Focus on platforms where Gen Z spends most of their time, like Instagram and YouTube. ‘Woke’ Gen Zs generally use ‘X’, formerly known as  Twitter. Consistent posting and engaging content are key to stay relevant and to depict yourself as an industrial leader.  
  • Channel Surfing: Imagine flipping through television channels with your remote, never settling on anything for too long. That’s the essence of channel surfing. A funny meme might fly on Instagram, but a detailed product tutorial might be better suited for YouTube. They appreciate brands that understand the unique quirks of each social space.
  • Social Responsibility Matters: Gen Z cares deeply about social causes. Highlight your brand’s commitment to sustainability, diversity, and social justice. Take a stand on issues that resonate with your audience.
  • Embrace Transparency: Gen Z values honesty and accountability. Be transparent about your brand’s practices and mission. Address any missteps openly and show a willingness to learn and improve.
  • Community Building: Foster a community around your brand. Encourage user-generated content and interact with your audience in the comments section. Let your customers be your biggest advocates!
  • Show, Don’t Tell: Short-form video content reigns supreme. Think engaging Instagram Reels, and eye-catching YouTube videos. Let your product or service shine through visually compelling storytelling.
  • Leverage Peer Reviews: Encourage reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers. Implement referral programs to tap into the power of word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Livestreams & Q&As: Host live sessions on platforms like Instagram or YouTube. This allows Gen Z to interact with your brand in real-time and get their questions answered.


To connect with Gen Z, focus on their key behaviors and preferences, a strong social media presence, authentic short-form content, influencer partnerships, and social responsibility. Embrace transparency and engage in real-time interactions. FindingPi helps you reach Gen Z by tailoring strategies for each platform, connecting with genuine influencers, creating personalized content, and facilitating real-time engagement. With FindingPi’s expertise in enhancing your social media presence, you can effectively reach and connect with Gen Z.

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