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Packaging Design

Packaging design is a strong marketing strategy for a variety of reasons, ranging from tapping into the subconscious of the consumer to providing value-added functionality.

Who wants a depressing, lifeless brand? Nobody.

Customers today, more than ever, desire a product that is visually appealing. FindingPi understands the significance of packaging design. We concentrate on developing one-of-a-kind designs in order to attract customers and generate sales. 

We intend to assure the effectiveness of our packaging design by incorporating the following important elements….

You might not realise it, but we take about 5-7 seconds to make a purchasing decision in-store. In addition, on a typical shopping trip, you may experience that over 40,000 different products are fighting for attention. That’s a lot of information to convey. Brands use eye-catching colours, a variety of convenient features, and emotional triggers to help their products stand out on the shelf.

So, let’s have a look at what defines a decent Packaging Design.

1) Simplicity & Clarity

Pick a random shelf and look over some products the next time you go to the grocery. Take a look at each one and ask yourself two basic questions:

  • What is the purpose of this product?
  • What’s the name of the company that’s behind it?

It is difficult to get answers to some of these crucial questions in less than 4 seconds, which is the maximum amount of time that the average consumer will give to any given product on the shelf.

There are goods on the market that offer plenty of benefits but don’t have a clear brand identity. You’ll come across things that appear to be fantastic on the surface but don’t clarify what’s inside the package. 

Although some product categories (such as fragrances and luxuries) allow for a little mystery, failing to identify the product in terms of content, usability, or brand identity is a terrible practice that usually results in a packaging design that doesn’t sell well.

So keep rule number one in mind: be precise about the brand and the product.

2) Shelf Impact

Packaging Design

A product is never seen alone or in great detail from the perspective of a shopper. All we see are real patterns built of diverse things due to the viewing distance from shelves and the fact that products are placed in rows and columns. It isn’t until a certain pattern catches our eye that we decide to explore further.

When a product is placed on a shelf, its uniqueness and attraction are referred to as “shelf impact,” and it has a significant influence on product sales.

In your designs, you should evaluate and analyze shelf impact. It sells better if it has a unique appearance.

Note that the results will astound you; sometimes the best-looking design will just blend in and become undetectable, while simpler designs will “pop” in this context.

3) Honesty

Beginners in packaging design, both clients and designers, frequently seek to portray the product in the most flawless way possible. They’ll show you a chocolate-drenched cookie when you’re actually buying a plain chocolate-flavoured biscuit. They’ll serve luscious, juicy cherries with fruit yoghurt that’s low in fruit.

By portraying a product as ten times better than it is, you are deceiving and ultimately failing the customer, resulting in poor sales and a negative brand image.

This is where honesty comes into play. Consumers don’t mind buying simple, low-cost items as long as they know what they’re getting! Of course, customers expect some “face lifting,” but not to the extent where the product appears to be completely different.

As a brand, your job is to best represent the product and take into account that you need to treat your customers fairly.

4) Authenticity

Great brands, and, of course, great packaging designs, are built on originality, character, and memorability.

It’s easy to see why: there are hundreds of products on the market, all fighting for the attention of consumers. Being different, and being honest, is the only way to set your business apart.

It’s tough to give advice on how to “be authentic” because this is truly a question of creativity and discovery, especially nowadays when individuals are bombarded with a diversity of brands, looks, and appeals.

Apply a unique design style with strong “visual standards” if you’re stuck with a generic-looking packaging design.

Use illustration or type-based design instead of product photos if everyone is going for it. When everyone else is utilising a horizontal layout, go vertical. If the majority of the designs are modern, try incorporating something retro with a focus on quality appeal.

 Be bold, be unusual, and look into other product types for unexpected sources of motivation.

5) Practicality

Packaging Design

Practicality refers to the product container’s actual shape, size, and usefulness, not just the label or wrap. The more valuable a product is, the more sales it generates — for example when Heinz turned the ketchup bottle upside down, sales increased dramatically.

Because clients frequently choose the “tried and true” path, which is a neglected opportunity for innovation, practicality is the most disregarded feature of packaging design.

Practicality can resolve many of the packaging design problems simply.

FindingPi is a product packaging design service that offers experience in different formats and design patterns, including logos, elegant designs, and even product design that has a significant impact on your business. We have a strong team of experts that are entirely responsible for designing the package styles for the businesses involved in various items.

Our packaging design firm stands out from the competition because of its original solutions. Every customer is valuable to us, and we treat them as such when it comes to product packaging design. If you’re seeking the most dependable and skilled package designers or packaging design firm, FindingPi is the best.

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